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 Donation and / or Volunteer

We Thank you for your Donation and Volunters. Please use the following form to submit Donation to OREBA Rescue Network Group.  Your personal information and credit card number will be submitted in following screens. Help us fight the BSL, HSUS, PETA, ISPEAKInc and a lot more trying to take your freedom always from you. 

Please help and save unwanted life. $25.00 day will feed a lot of dogs and puppies and help with these health problem. Please help us Build a Non Killed Animal Shelter and Buy ten acre farm to put this on. We need all your Donations.  We also need money to build a better web site. Thanks for your help. 


Thanks for your donation to OREBAInc.

1. By Mail

Please send your Donation to:
117 N Hwy 52  #1680,
Moncks Corner, SC 29461

2. Donate an unwanted vehicle : Help OREBA Inc. save pets lives! You Also can Donate your unwanted cars, trucks and campers Motorcycles, ATV's, RV's/Campers, Utility & Cargo Trailers, Small Aircraft, Boats/Watercraft, Golf Carts and more!

3. Donate your Old and New Cell Phones and IPAD to us. We need all your help supporting OREBA INC. Thanks. If you call us we will pick them up.

4. You can Donate from using click on logo








These Animal Right people killing more Animal then anybody and they get way with it. We also taking all Volunteers and also looking for foster Homes for animals. We also will take Old Cell Phones in good working. You can mail them to Old Red English Bulldogs Association Inc. PO Box 1680 Moncks Corner, SC, 29461. We also need donation to build this Dog Shelter for we can be like other Animal Centers.


$25.00 will feed a dog for a week.

$15.00 will buy them a collar and leash.

$25.00 will cover their vaccinations.

$30.00 to $45.00 every mouth will help to buy cages and will help in building this Dog and Cat Shelters.

$175.00 will cover their neuter or spay costs. 


We Can always use:


*Old Towels

*Kong types toys

*Pig Ears


*Pressed Rawhide

*Can Foods


Help us Stop No Kill Animal Shelters. These killing Animal Shelters are also doing animal cruelty. They kill more dogs and cats then any other people in the world and get way with doing Animal cruelty. No dogs, No Animals, and No Cats should be taking from there homes then put down. Also Help us stop Lying Cops and American Court System setting and Rail Roading innocent humans just to make a case. Help us the freedom fighters here at OREBA. Remember All Dogs can be re trained to go to right homes. They shouldn't be killed.