OREBA Prison Dog Training Programs

OREBA RESCUE NETWORK GROUP INC                                                                   

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OREBA RESCUE NETWORK GROUP Is here To Help non violence felony find job, help inmates and dogs get rehabilitate from training dogs, help young kids stop doing wrong and get off the street also help dogs find great homes. We at OREBA have great love for animals and a great concern for young people.

We at OREBA RESCUE NETWORK GROUP have came up with a wonderful program to combine these great interests. As we know humans and dogs need help too. Young people need lots of help to understanding not to do wrong go to jail or prison. But the real joy is seening young people and dogs together doing the right thing to better then self and others.

Inmates and young humans can care learn to care for there self and other humans from this program. We are also Dog Registry, Rescue Shelter, Human Rights Act, Animal Rights Act. Our Goals is to stop young people going to jail or prison and also help non violence felony to change there ways go to the right way. We are here to teach all humans from 10 to 50 years to see the light understand everybody can make a differents in the evil world we all come together help.